Corporate Training
GISM conducts In house Corporate training, in the areas of Supply Management, Soft skills, and Quality domains.
The Trainings are held at the customer premises, for their employees. The training contents are customised to suit the customer specific pain areas and the requirements.
Some of the popular Training Topics in the domains of SCM, Soft Skills and Quality are
GISM also conducts, Out-bound Trainings at centrally located Conference Halls (usually Hotels), so that participants from across the industries, including MSME’s can attend such Trainings.
GISM takes up consulting assignments in the Supply Management domain, helping Industry to address their functional pain areas and achieving the improvements to achieve customer satisfaction.
Some of the consulting areas, completed in the industry are,
• Inventory Management, and Reduction in Hold up funds.

• Cost optimisation, for the products and helping the companies improve the profitability.

• SCM function Establishment - Policy, processes, work Instructions. Process flow charts, KYBP Process ( Supplier due diligence), ERP Coordination and Implementation

• Material Codification System / System establishment for seamless flow of  goods.

• Stores / Warehouse optimisation, and Process improvement etc.

• BOT system ( Build, Own and Transfer, systems and Processes) – in the Company’s pain areas / functional improvement areas, as mutually identified.
GISM has vast knowledge and” hand on” working at all levels, in all the areas of supply management. With this vast and rich experience, GISM can work with the Client identified sources, for process improvements. Some of the areas that GISM has worked with are:
• Process Improvement audits- worked along with TUV, Nord.

• SRM and worked on improvement areas.

• Due Diligence audit / SCM process improvements audits

• Packaging Audits, Process and adequacy.

• New Supplier capability audits. (both Techno and commercial capabilities)